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Tunisia's Ennahda transforms its executive office into caretaker bureau

Tunisia's Ennahda party flag
Tunisia's Ennahda party flag [File photo]

Tunisian Ennahda Movement yesterday announced the transfer of its executive office into a caretaker bureau.

This came in an explanatory statement issued by the Movement Information and Communication Office, which has the biggest parliamentary bloc with 54 deputies out of 217.

The movement said that "its explanatory statement comes after rumours about the announcement of the President of the Ennahda Movement Rashed Ghannouchi to dissolve the Executive Office."

"It is important for us to clarify that during the Executive Bureau meeting last Wednesday, the Movement's President announced his intention to make adjustments to the bureau's composition in response to the requirements of the current situation.

The statement highlighted that Ghannouchi announced the change of the current office a caretaker bureau. He called on all its members to continue their work until the completion of this change and its entry into force.

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