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Russia thwarts Syria regime plans to control south

Soldiers of the Russian military police [Wikipedia]
Russian military forces, 13 February 2017 [Wikipedia]

Russia has been working against the Syrian regime and allied militias' plans to control southern Syria; a Free Syrian Army officer said.

Abu-Yarub Al-Daraawi told Al-Mujtama news site that the Russians have regime forces and their militias not to launch a military operation in the region, adding that the commander of the Russian forces in southern Syria said during a meeting with the central committees in Daraa on Friday that his country is "seriously" working to prevent any accidents or military operations in the area.

The Russian commander is reported to have pledged that regime forces will not be allowed to storm the province and that the Russian military police will patrol Daraa to monitor and limit the regime's deployment in the area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported earlier that the Syrian regime forces and allied militias have been deploying military reinforcements in southern Syria with the aim of launching a comprehensive military operation to recapture the region.

The military reinforcements included the fourth division led by Maher Al-Assad, the brother of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

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