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Yemen rights group says detainees face 'slow death' in prison

Yemeni prisoners were raped, beaten and threatened with dogs according to the investigation [Khaled Abdullah/Reuters]
Yemeni prisoners, 20 June 2018 [Khaled Abdullah/Reuters]

The Yemeni Abductees' Mothers Association in the city of Aden yesterday warned that the detainees in Bir Ahmed Prison are facing a "slow death" due to ill-treatment by the prison administration.

The group said in a statement that the prison administration deliberately mistreats detainees by cutting off electricity for long periods, despite the high temperatures, reducing meal portions and neglecting the prisoners' health needs.

The Association added that the detainees' families had informed it that the detainees intend to declare a comprehensive hunger strike to protest against the ill-treatment.

It called on the Yemeni authorities in Aden to expedite the release of all prisoners in Bir Ahmed and hold the prison administration fully responsible for the detainees' lives.

It also called on all international and local organisations and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to intervene and rescue the detainees.

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