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Egypt TV anchor: Brotherhood members who contract covid should not be treated

Egyptian TV anchor Ahmed Moussa: "They don’t deserve to be treated if they have coronavirus…"

June 8, 2020 at 3:59 pm

Egypt’s state-run TV anchor Ahmed Moussa has said that Brotherhood members who contract coronavirus should not be treated, labelling them traitors who don’t deserve to live in Egypt.

“They are dogs,” says Moussa, in his deeply offensive tirade.

They don’t deserve to be treated if they have coronavirus… we should treat other sick but honourable citizens instead, they should die and got to hell, we are treating you as humans but you are dogs, not humans

“If [President] Sisi does not accomplish anything else, he buried the Brotherhood. That’s enough,” he added. “There is no Brotherhood in Egypt. They’re done.”


Moussa is well known for his support for the Sisi regime and has made a number of dangerous accusations over the years.

In 2015 the TV anchor paid tribute to an Egyptian army soldier who executed a mentally ill Palestinian man near Gaza.

That same year he stoked ridicule after praising the Russian military, broadcasting footage of air strikes on Daesh on his talks show which was in fact footage from the Apache Air Assault video game.

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A year later he said that his wish for 2016 was that all Muslim Brotherhood leaders be executed: “[Saudi Arabia] executes more than 70 people in one go. I wish Egypt would do the same and execute all Muslim Brotherhood.”

Moussa called the late president Mohamed Morsi a “killer, a criminal and a spy” shortly after he died. He has demanded the closure of the BBC after it released a report on forcibly disappeared Egyptians and congratulated US President Donald Trump on his victory.

He is not the first to blame the covid crisis on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Shortly after Egypt’s medical union warned that the healthcare system was about to collapse and that authorities should step up measures to protect their doctors amid the pandemic, MP Farag Amer accused the Muslim Brotherhood of turning doctors against Egypt and forcing them to resign.

Egypt’s opposition under the current government have suffered an unprecedented attack on their human rights.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been singled out for particularly vicious treatment and political prisoners are often accused of being part of the organisation, even if they were previously outspoken against them.

Shortly after the 2013 coup the Egyptian government outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood. Several of its top leaders have been sentenced to death.