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Lebanon seeks oil from Kuwait

Barrels of oil [Daan Franken/Flickr]
Barrels of oil, 26 March 2020 [Daan Franken/Flickr]

Lebanon's Head of Internal Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, said on Tuesday that the country is seeking to import oil from Kuwait to help ease the ongoing economic and financial crisis, Anadolu has reported.

Ibrahim told Al Ray newspaper in the Gulf State that he had discussed the issue with Kuwaiti officials during a visit over the past two days. He added that he discussed many other "common ideas" with the officials in relation to easing the crisis in Lebanon.

"We want to buy all that we need from Kuwait," he said, adding that he had suggested dealing with the state directly and not through the usual companies which have their interests at heart.

"I was promised that our request will be taken to the Emir as he is the one entitled to take the final decision in such an issue," explained the Lebanese official. "I hope there will be no obstacles."

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Lebanon has been suffering from severe financial and economic crises. The local currency has lost 80 per cent of its value since last October.

Kuwaiti officials did not comment on General Ibrahim's remarks. Like other Gulf States, Kuwait is suffering from the consequences of the severe cut in global oil prices, which have pushed the country to concentrate its finances on domestic matters.

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