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Tunisia: Ennahda condemns ongoing violation of parliament's sanctity

President of the Free Destourian Party, Abir Moussi in Tunis, Tunisia on 30 August 2019 [Nacer Talel/Anadolu Agency]
President of the Free Destourian Party, Abir Moussi in Tunis, Tunisia on 30 August 2019 [Nacer Talel/Anadolu Agency]

The Ennahda movement in the Tunisian parliament condemned what it described as “the continuous violation of the bloc of the Free Destourian Party and its president Abir Moussi to the sanctity of the parliament.”

This came in a statement yesterday, in which the party said: “The criminal acts of Moussi and a number of deputies of the Free Constitutional Bloc constitutes a threat to the security of Parliament, its employees and its facilities. These acts may also lead to the theft and looting of the parliament documents.”

Ennahda claimed “its full solidarity with all the staff of the parliament, the chief of the cabinet, Habib Khedher, and the deputies who were subjected to a campaign of insulting, maiming and verbal and material assault by some of the Free Destourian deputies.” It also affirmed that “what Moussi committed falls under the jurisdiction of the law.” Ennahda bloc expressed its “adherence to the right of its deputies to sue the aggressors and hold them accountable for what they committed.”

It called on the “concerned authority not to hesitate to implement the laws and put an end to crimes affecting the national security of Tunisia, the security of its institutions, its safety and the safety of its employees.”

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Ennahda pointed out that “Moussi and several members of her bloc intentionally launched, through the social media pages, a campaign of mutilation, prejudice, indecent assault and slander and threats of physical elimination of a number of deputies, the last of whom was a representative of Ennahda bloc, Rabab Ben Ltaief, in a blatant violation of the constitution, law and ethics.”

On Thursday, Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi announced a criminal complaint against Moussi and her party for blocking parliament’s work and preventing its sessions. The Free Destourian Bloc has been carrying out a sit-in inside parliament to demand the withdrawal of confidence from Ghannouchi.

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