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Egypt: Video of a man sexually assaulting 5-year-old boy sparks outrage

The man was arrested after the video circulated online and he was identified

A disturbing video of a man luring a young boy into his car and allegedly sexually assaulting him has been released.

CCTV footage in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo has captured the footage both before and after the boy was in the car. As he gets out, it appears that the trousers of the perpetrator are open. The child also appears in the video adjusting his shorts as he leaves the vehicle after the alleged assault.

On Tuesday, Egypt's public prosecution announced it had ordered the perpetrator's detention on the grounds he sexually assaulted a boy who is under five years old.

The man was arrested after the video circulated online and he was identified. The three boys who appear in the video, including the one who got inside the car, are his neighbours.

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The assault comes not long after a video clip of an elderly teacher harassing a young pupil circulated online.

It captures him hugging and kissing her in a private room but was filmed from a window opposite.

Sexual abuse of children is widespread in Egypt but underreported because some people consider it a taboo topic. It is often carried out by family members, close friends, or people close to the family, such as personal drivers.

In 2017 the Egyptian government approved amendments to the Egyptian Penal Code which increased penalties for sexual abuse on children but rights advocates say raising public awareness is more important.

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