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Salaries of Iraq senior officials depleting state budget

October 1, 2020 at 9:58 am

Former Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawer speaks to the media at a news conference, on 9 September 2004 in Berlin, Germany. [Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

The “astronomical” salaries of the president, ministers, members of parliament and other senior ranking officials in Iraq are depleting the state’s budget and wasting public money, Iraqis have said.

The salaries of senior Iraqi officials have resurfaced after social media users circulated the Court of Cassation’s objection to a request filed by former Iraqi President, Ghazi Ajil Al-Yawer, against a decision to suspend his retirement pay under the Unified Retirement Law of 2014.

According to the social media users, Al-Yawer receives a monthly pension of 61.6 million Iraqi dinars ($51,000), which has cost the state $9.5 million over the years, in addition to the salaries of his security detail and other allocations.

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent drop in global oil prices, Iraq has been forced into deeper financial woes.

The lockdowns which have resulted from the virus have also increased unemployment.

The country has also been experiencing nationwide anti-corruption protests.

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