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Egypt: '3 million Egyptians work in Saudi Arabia, sponsorship system will not be completely suspended'

Egyptian farmer working on the fields in Saudi Arabia [David Degner/Getty Images]
Egyptian farmer working on the fields in Saudi Arabia [David Degner/Getty Images]

Head of the Employment Registration Division at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Hamdi Imam has confirmed that the total number of Egyptian workers in Saudi Arabia has reached around three million.

He pointed out in a telephone interview with Al-Masry Effendi program on the Cairo and Al-Nas TV channel that the sponsorship system will not be completely abolished.

Imam indicated that the title of "sponsor" had already been abolished six years ago and replaced with the term "employer", pointing out that the contractual relationship between employee and employer would be facilitated.

During the interview, Imam explained that the cancellation of the sponsorship system in Saudi Arabia means that the employer will no longer be able to seize the worker's passport. This means that foreign workers will be granted freedom of movement at the end of their employment contracts, and will not need the employer's consent to move between cities.

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He added: "Before that, the employee needed a written statement by the employer, documented by government agencies, in order to be able to move within the kingdom. This system was suspended under an initiative of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman".

Imam stressed that Saudi lifestyle is being modernised, noting: "The number of Egyptian workers has decreased slightly due to the coronavirus crisis, but with the reactivation of economic projects in Saudi Arabia, things have started to shift. Hopefully, the country will not witness another wave."

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