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Saudi Arabia: Several injured after explosion at non-Muslim cemetery during Remembrance Day ceremony 

Several people have been injured following what has been reported as a 'grenade attack' in the Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah

Several people have been injured following what has been reported as a "grenade attack" at a Remembrance Day ceremony at a non-Muslim cemetery in the Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah.

France's Foreign Ministry described a "bomb attack" targeting World War I commemorations which were attended by European expats and diplomats, including French, British and Greek officials.

"The annual ceremony commemorating the end of World War I at the non-Muslim cemetery in Jeddah, attended by several consulates, including that of France, was the target of an IED attack this morning, which injured several people," a ministry spokesperson said, adding that "France strongly condemns this cowardly, unjustifiable attack"

"There was some sort of a blast at the non-Muslim cemetery in Jeddah," an official told Reuters. "There are four slightly injured, among them one Greek"

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Images have since circulated on social media depicting the scene with blood splattered on the cemetery grounds.

The incident comes after a security guard was stabbed at the French consulate in the same city just 12 days ago amid a growing backlash against Islamophobic comments made by French President Emmanuel Macron which were sparked by the brutal murder of a French teacher who chose to show his class images of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the name of freedom of speech.

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