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UAE 'worked' with Israeli firms prior to normalisation 

UAE and Israeli flags sway in the wind. [KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images]
UAE and Israeli flags sway in the wind. [KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images]

The Executive Director of the UAE's National Electronic Security Authority has revealed that his country had relations with Israeli cybersecurity firms even before normalisation with the Zionist state.

"Israeli cybersecurity companies were active in the UAE through their international branches even before the countries agreed to establish full diplomatic relations this past summer," Mohammad Al-Kuwaiti told Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist. "Activity has intensified significantly since the Abraham Accords were signed."

He added that "many" business agreements have been signed, not just in sectors like agriculture, healthcare, and oil and gas, but also in sectors like cybersecurity, technology digitisation and even education. "A lot of small and medium-sized Israeli businesses are coming to the UAE looking for partners and relationships… Israel has the best talent in the field and we are working together in order to protect the digital space."

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He reiterated that Israel is "our strategic partner" and that Israeli companies are strengthening existing capabilities."

As far as cooperation with the notorious Israeli NSO spyware company is concerned, Al-Kuwaiti insisted that it provides a tool that can help national security bodies to fight terrorism. "Terrorism has hurt both us and Israel. If NSO, or other companies, can provide tools that help in this fight without hurting a person's privacy, and with the authorisation of the courts, and are being used by law enforcement agencies, that is something that can prevent terror and save lives."

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