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Palestinian Bedouin keeps weaving traditions

"I've inherited this handicraft -it was passed down from one generation to the other, and we'll continue to hold onto it"


A Palestinian woman living in the besieged Gaza Strip has spent the last 40 years keeping Bedouin weaving traditions alive and using gazelle horns to thread wool together.

Seventy-year-old Ghanimeh Al-Arkan is one of the last artisans in the occupied Palestinian territories using centuries-old methods to produce handmade woven items, including rugs, towels and ornaments made from sheep and camel wool.

Al-Arkan learnt the art from her own mother and other Bedouin women at an early age.

"This takes years to master," she told Anadolu Agency, adding that she intends to teach her granddaughters the handicraft to ensure the tradition lives on.

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