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Woman poses as doctor and steals baby from hospital in Cairo

Abu Al-Rish Children’s Hospital in Giza [Wikipedia]
Abu Al-Rish Children’s Hospital in Giza [Wikipedia]

A woman has been arrested in Egypt after dressing up as a doctor and kidnapping a baby from a hospital.

The incident occurred on Monday when the unidentified suspect entered [, reports the New Arab.

She approached a patient there, examined her child and asked if she could leave the room so that she could carry out further tests and complete documents.

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When the patient, who has been identified as Mona K, returned she saw that her three-month-old child was missing.

The baby thief took several taxis to cover up her journey and then took public transport at the Mohamed Naguib train station, according to a security source at the Cairo Security Directorate who investigated the kidnapping.

She was caught on CCTV, tracked down, arrested and the baby returned to its mother.

In October last year a video emerged of a man attempting to kidnap a child from its mother's arms in Cairo.

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