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Netanyahu warns that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon

April 9, 2021 at 9:13 am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech on Iran’s nuclear program at the defence ministry in Tel Aviv on 30 April 2018. [JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images]

Benjamin Netanyahu warned yesterday that the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran is paving the way for Tehran to acquire a nuclear weapon. He made his comments during a memorial programme for the victims of the Holocaust.

“It’s a weapon that threatens us with annihilation,” said the Israeli prime minister. “[The deal] is allowing the development of an arsenal of nuclear bombs.” History has taught that agreements with regimes like Iran are not worth a garlic peel, he added.

“Today we, Israelis, have a state, a defensive force, and a natural and complete right as the Jewish nation to defend ourselves from our enemies,” insisted Netanyahu. “There is no party in the world that would prevent us from having the right and the power to defend ourselves from any existential threat.”

Israel has an unacknowledged nuclear arsenal estimated to contain as many as 400 nuclear warheads which can be delivered in a number of ways. The settler-colonial state is not a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and its nuclear facilities are not inspected by the international community. Nor are those of the United States.

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