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Algeria ambassador to Ankara invites Turkey to invest 

Algerian flags flutter in front of the People's National Assembly (parliament) building in the capital Algiers, on 10 September 2020 [RYAD KRAMDI/AFP/Getty Images]
Algerian flags flutter in front of the People's National Assembly (parliament) building in the capital Algiers, [RYAD KRAMDI/AFP/Getty Images]

Algerian Ambassador to Ankara Murad Ajabi has called on Turkish businesspeople to invest in his country, promising that it could bring about distinctive commercial potential to both countries.

In statements to Anadolu Agency, Ajabi confirmed that Algeria hopes to increase Turkish investments in its lands.

He said that Algeria is Turkey's second-largest trade partner in Africa, while Ankara ranks first among countries with the largest investments in Algeria.

The Algerian official added: "There are new opportunities, and I am very optimistic about the future, so we invite Turkish businessmen to invest in Algeria."

Ajabi pointed out that Turkish-Algerian relations were established as early as the sixteenth century.

He highlighted that the Algerian state made great sacrifices until 1962 for freedom and independence, including 1.5 million martyrs, noting that Algeria renewed bilateral relations with Turkey after achieving independence.

Ambassador Ajabi described the current relations between Turkey and Algeria as "superb", stating that mutual visits will take place soon to strengthen the existing ties.

He asserted: "The opportunities are great and so is our will. Together we will accomplish great projects in a more useful and significant manner in the coming period."

Ajabi indicated that Algeria enjoys a strategic continental location, overlooking Europe from the north, Africa from the south and Asia on the east, in addition to possessing a variety of resources.

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He added that if Turkish investors produce goods in Algeria, they would be able to send their products to 100 countries in Africa, the Arab world and Europe, without paying customs duties.

The Algerian official explained that Algeria could be Turkey's gateway to African, European or Arab countries because it opened a new page at political, economic and international levels.

Ajabi indicated that his country is carrying out many reforms and will restore its prominence, strength and shine, after undergoing critical circumstances in previous periods.

Regarding the developments in Libya, Ajabi affirmed that his country supports a peaceful and political solution in the Arab country, explaining that Algeria, as a neighbouring country, is ready to provide all forms of support to the brotherly Libyan state and its people.

He continued: "God willing, this very important region will witness prosperity and stability in the future."

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The volume of exchange between Algeria and Turkey exceeded $4 billion in 2020, according to official data.

More than 800 Turkish companies are operating in Algeria within several sectors, the most important of which are Tosyali Iron Steel in Oran, west of the country, and Tayal, in partnership with the Turkish Taipa for textiles in Relizane (west).

In 2018, Turkey was at the forefront of foreign countries investing in Algeria with $4.5 billion, contributing to creating 34,000 job opportunities, according to data previously issued by the Algerian investment agency.

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