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US air base in Iraq hit by 3 rockets

May 25, 2021 at 12:36 pm

US Army Apache Longbow helicopters line the ramp at the airfield in Ein Al-Assad military base, Iraq, as seen on 7 January 2004 [SSGT Suzanne Jenkins, USAF]

Iraq’s Ain Al-Asad Air Base, which hosts American and other international forces, was attacked with three rockets yesterday, Russia Today reported.

Locals were quoted as saying that a “missile fell inside the base, while the other two had fallen in the vicinity of the base.”

The spokesman for the US-led international military coalition, Wayne Marotto, told Reuters that the damage was “being assessed”.

The base has also recently come under attack  through the use of a booby-trapped drone, but it was reported to have not caused any injuries or damages.

On Sunday, Iraq’s Resistance Coordination Commission threatened to escalate attacks against US forces in the country with the aim of forcing them to leave.

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