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Hamas: US will not be part of any solution to end Israel-Palestine crisis

Hamas Political Bureau member Mousa Abu Marzouk [Wikipedia]
Hamas Political Bureau member Mousa Abu Marzouk [Wikipedia]

The United State will never be part of any solution aimed at bringing an end to the Israel-Palestine crisis, senior Hamas official Dr Mousa Abu Marzouq said yesterday.

"The U.S. is part of the crisis," Abu Marzouq wrote on Twitter. "They provide Isr. [Israel] with killing tools. They will not be part of the solution. Their policies & bias have hurt us."

"We need a new national policy, away from the enemies of our ppl. & their allies, to get rid of the occupation & return to our homeland."

On Friday a ceasefire came into effect ending an 11-day Israeli bombing campaign against the besieged Gaza Strip. More than 270 Palestinians were killed, including 67 children, while thousands more were injured. The bombardment was seen as an Israeli assault of Palestinian towers which left thousands homeless and seeking shelter in UNRWA schools.

US to Israel: We can't support you forever

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