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Egypt sacks Muslim Brotherhood members from public, private positions

July 28, 2021 at 10:47 am

Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt on 1st July 2011 [Daniel Mayer/Wikipedia]

The Egyptian government has started implementing the law stipulating the dismissal of Muslim Brotherhood members from public and private positions, reported on Tuesday.

Egypt’s Supreme Council for Universities, including Al-Azhar University, has requested lists of names of Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.

In a statement, the council confirmed that the Egyptian universities are seeking to dismiss those loyal to the “terrorist” groups and organisations and that the universities would seek the assistance of the security services to identify the civil servants.

On 12 July, Egyptian Parliament approved legal amendments expanding the government’s ability to fire civil servants with suspected links to terrorist groups without prior disciplinary action, referring to Muslim Brotherhood affiliates, as well as leftist opposition members.

The measure was described as a campaign to “purify” government bodies of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egypt classifies as a terrorist group.

Legal experts described the law as “racist”, stating that it contradicts Article 53 of the Constitution, which bans discrimination among Egyptians.

During the past eight years, the Egyptian regime has harassed civil servants affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The awqaf minister also recently revealed that 12,000 khateebs were prevented from leading Friday prayers over claims of adopting “non-moderate” ideologies.

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