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Dismissed Tunisian PM Mechichi appears for first time in 11 days

Former Tunisian prime minister Hichem Mechichi, on 5 August 2021 [inlucc/Facebook]
Former Tunisian prime minister Hichem Mechichi on 5 August 2021 [inlucc/Facebook]

Tunisia's anti-corruption authority aired photographs dated on Thursday of ex-prime minister Hichem Mechichi declaring his properties at the agency's headquarters, reported Reuters.

This was his first public appearance since his July 25 dismissal by President Kais Saied.

Saied invoked a national emergency in taking executive control of the government and freezing parliament in a move that was welcomed by protesters disgruntled over years of disorder and stagnation but branded a coup by his political opponents.

The anti-corruption authority's photos of Mechichi, posted on its website, appeared to dispel unconfirmed reports that he was under house arrest.

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