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Hamas hails Lebanon's retaliation to Israel attacks

August 7, 2021 at 11:17 am

Supporters watch as members of the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah perform a reenactment of an attack on an Israeli tank to mark the 11th anniversary of the end of the 2006 war with Israel, in the village of Khiam in southern Lebanon on August 13, 2017 [MAHMOUD ZAYYAT/AFP via Getty Images]

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas on Friday hailed the Lebanese retaliation to Israeli attacks in the south of the country, a statement announced, a copy of which was obtained by MEMO.

“We congratulate and fully support the response made by the Islamic resistance in Lebanon this morning (Friday), and its bombing of sites belonging to the Zionist enemy in response to the crimes of the occupation and targeting Lebanese territories,” the statement expressed.

“Resisting the occupation and responding to its crimes and violations is a right guaranteed to the occupied and abused peoples,” the statement added.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for firing a barrage of rockets in northern Israel, declaring that firing the rockets came in retaliation to Israeli strikes in south Lebanon.

“Open lands in the vicinity of Israeli occupation sites in the Shebaa Farms were targeted with dozens of 122 mm rockets,” Hezbollah confirmed in a statement reported by Anadolu Agency.

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According to Hezbollah, the bombing was: “In response to Israeli airstrikes in open lands in Al-Jarmaq and Al-Shawakir areas on Thursday night.”

Hamas has condemned these attacks. “This behaviour reflects the Zionist policy of arrogance against all components of the nation and its people,” Hazem Qassem, spokesperson for the movement, asserted in a statement.

He added: “Zionist terrorism, which extends across the region, will not stop the resistance of the nation to the Zionist colonial project that aims to expand on its land and seize the nation’s capabilities.”