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This Gaza leisure centre is made of rubbish

A Palestinian woman built a leisure centre by using waste materials on the beach of the blockaded Gaza Strip.

August 22, 2021 at 10:23 am

Hena Al-Gul is an activist and entrepreneur who wants to increase social awareness in Palestinian society by highlighting the importance of natural resources and the environment.

The leisure centre welcomes people with chairs made of car tyres, windows which recycle washing machine door panes and paintings from fabric and yarn.

There’s a lot of waste in Gaza, Hena says, adding that it is important to find useful things to use it for. The cleanliness of the Strip and its beaches are of vital importance, she adds.

“We saw that people were very reckless with regard to the beach and the sea. This pollution could have bad consequences for us.”

Those who visit the centre can make use of the two libraries on site, “the green library” with books about nature and “the children’s library” with storybooks for kids.

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