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Israel's Likud: Netanyahu was mocking Bennett not Biden in new video

Screenshot of Benjamin Netanyahu imitating US President Joe Biden [Twitter]
Screenshot of Benjamin Netanyahu imitating US President Joe Biden [Twitter]

Following a video broadcast on Facebook by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Likud party found itself forced to issue a clarification to avoid annoying US President Joe Biden.

Netanyahu appeared in a video on Facebook on Saturday speaking about the meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Biden that took place last month.

Repeating reported news that Biden was sleeping during the meeting, Netanyahu said in the video: "I heard that Biden was very attentive, very, very attentive during the meeting", then chuckled before dropping his head and closing his eyes.

This video became the subject of widespread criticism on social media, forcing Likud to release a statement. "Contrary to the distorted picture broadcast in the media, former prime minister Netanyahu did not criticize President Biden, whom he has known and cherished as a friend of Israel for 40 years."

However, the statement added, "his criticism was directed exclusively at Naftali Bennett, who during his visit to the White House spoke at length about nothing."

Video footage from Bennett's meeting with Biden appeared to show the US president dozing off, however, it was later revealed that the images had been manipulated by social media users.

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