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Preliminary rulings in Tunisia to drop 80 lists that ran for the 2019 elections

A courthouse in Tunis, Tunisia 6 May 2012 [BELAID/AFP via Getty Images]
A courthouse in Tunis, Tunisia 6 May 2012 [BELAID/AFP via Getty Images]

A judge in the Tunisian Court of Accounts revealed that 80 lists violated transparency and law during the 2019 elections, and a decision may be issued to drop them.

Court judge, Fadela El-Qarkouri, explained that the law authorised the Court of Accounts to drop these lists. She said that they are now at the appeal stage, adding that reaching conclusive rulings requires a lot of time and that this was the choice of the legislator.

In statements to the local "Mosaïque fm" radio, El-Qarkouri said that the Court had issued more than 350 preliminary rulings in electoral cases and indicated that the electoral law "impedes the work of the Court and protracts the procedures for deciding cases."

Regarding the Court of Accounts, the judge said that its work has been launched since the issuance of the general report on the financing of legislative and presidential snap election campaigns for the year 2019 and the parties' report issued in October.

As for the violations that the electoral law authorised the Court to determine their penalties, the speaker explained that they include financial violations, illegal financing, and failure to deposit.

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