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Turkey to deport two Syrians who insulted, threatened to rape Turkish women

IZMIR, TURKEY - SEPTEMBER 19: Women with their decorated bikes take part in the 9th "Fancy Women Bike Ride" in Izmir, Turkey on September 19, 2021. Fancy Women Bike Ride event was started by women from Izmir eight years ago, then spread to other 115 cities including Turkish and foreign ones. ( Mahmut Serdar Alakuş - Anadolu Agency )
Women with their decorated bikes take part in the 9th "Fancy Women Bike Ride" in Izmir, Turkey on September 19, 2021 [Mahmut Serdar Alakuş - Anadolu Agency]

Turkey is deporting two Syrians after a video of them insulting Turkish women emerged on social media, further widening the tensions between Turkish nationals and Syrian refugees within Turkey.

In a video call between the two Syrians and a Turkish national, one of the Syrians was heard saying that he "would rape" Turkish women. The Turk can then be heard telling the Syrians that they are insulting and threatening Turkish women, despite living as refugees in the country.

The video was later leaked online and has been circulating around social media sites this week. Following the leak and the identification of the two Syrians – known only as M.E.A who lived in Izmir and K.S.A. who lived in Aydin – they were arrested by Turkish authorities and sent to the Aydin Provincial Immigration Office.

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According to Turkish media reports, they have been charged with "disturbing public order and causing public unrest," and were set to be deported today.

The case comes only months after Turkey also ruled that it would deport a number of Syrians over "provocative" videos they released on social media mocking a Turk's anger over Syrian refugees allegedly being able to afford more bananas than Turks can in the economic crisis.

Over the past few years, many Turks have grown frustrated with Syrian refugees living within the country – which hosts around 4 million of them – and there has been a notable rise in actions and protests by Turkish ultra-nationalists.

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