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Turkiye's security landscape: MEMO in conversation with Dr Murat Yesiltas

Join us for a live conversation with Professor and Director of foreign policy research Murat Yesiltas where we will discuss Turkiye's manoeuvres in the region and further afield and how this will improve its global standing.

Author of 'Non-State Military Actors in the Middle East: Geopolitics, Strategy and Ideology', Yesiltas completed his BA and MA at the Department of International Relations of Sakarya University, while his PhD thesis was titled 'Locating Turkey: Geopolitical Mentality and the Army in Turkey'.

Yesiltas is current carrying out research on international security, terrorism, military studies ethnic and religious radicalisation, non-state conflicts, and Kurdish affairs.

Join us on Wednesday 26 Jan 2022 4PM GMT/UK time here

MEMO in Conversation WithTurkey
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