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The Women who made Palestinian history

In honour of Palestinian women, these are examples of determined Palestinian women who overcome barriers to leave their legacy on Palestinian history.

March 28, 2022 at 12:50 pm

The Women who made Palestinian history

International Women’s Day is marked yearly on 8 March. The idea of celebrating the struggles faced by women came to light during an era of industrial and demographic growth and socio-economic turmoil. At the time, transformative ideas were emerging, and the oppression of women triggered a series of uprisings. Demonstrations everywhere called for equal rights for women, just as the 1856 working women’s meetings and protests did in New York, US. Since then, millions of women have fought for justice and equal rights.

The women’s movement achieved several social, political, economic and scientific changes, overcoming barriers and taking pride in collective wins. However, women still need to fight for equality and fair opportunities in every scope of life. Unfortunately, these goals are still distant for most women worldwide, which is no different to Arab and Palestinian women. Notably, Palestinian women have been tireless in their struggle to reclaim their rights in several aspects of life under occupation, blockade and apartheid.

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