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UAE, Bahrain, Morocco apply to buy Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system

March 30, 2022 at 9:27 am

Israeli soldiers walk past an Israeli Iron Dome defence system. [AFP/Gil Cohen-Magen/Getty]

During the recent meeting of the Israeli and American foreign ministers with some of their Arab counterparts, it has been revealed that the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco officials sought to buy Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system during the discussions.

According to the Globes, the UAE and Bahrain mentioned Iron Dome, the Green Pine radar system and the Arrow system for defence against ballistic missiles. These, said the media, are not new requests; they have been passed to Israel before through various channels.

The Globes pointed out that the three Arab states are just the latest countries to request air defence systems from Israel. Iron Dome is currently very much sought after in Europe, first and foremost by Ukraine, although President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s request was apparently rejected by Israel. Germany is also reportedly eager to buy Iron Dome and the Green pine radar system to protect Eastern European countries.

Israeli companies, the Globes said, have already received enquiries about the procurement of Iron Dome and approval of any sale is in the hands of the Ministry of Defence. It is expected that such approval will be given soon to a considerable number of these requests. Israel is currently holding discussions with the US, which was a party in the development of some of the systems, noted Israeli defence sources.

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