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Egypt's Grand Mufti to UK: Brotherhood's roots same as Daesh 

Grand Mufti of Egypt Sheikh Shawki Allam on April 20, 2015 [SANDER KONING/AFP via Getty Images]
Grand Mufti of Egypt Sheikh Shawki Allam on April 20, 2015 [SANDER KONING/AFP via Getty Images]

Grand Mufti of Egypt, Shawki Allam, yesterday attacked the Muslim Brotherhood and claimed their roots are linked to terrorist groups such as Daesh.

In a speech, Allam claimed that the roots of violence of "the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and their bloody history" refers back to the time when it was founded by the late Sheikh Hassan Al-Banna.

Allam claimed that the "terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is associated with terrorist organisations, including Daesh."

The Mufti also claimed that "the Muslim Brotherhood exploited Islam and religious texts as a tool against society in order to achieve political gains that would benefit the organisation rather than the country."

He claimed a report he was distributing to British members of parliament provided evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood's alleged relationship with Daesh and Al-Qaeda.

He claimed that many of its members joined Daesh.

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The report claimed that the group "tried its best to infiltrate state institutions to seize power through electoral fraud and deception."

Allam claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood "tried to restore its rule by provoking chaos, violence, and terrorism, and eventually many extremist and terrorist movements emerged as branches of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood."

In August 2013, current Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who was Defence Minister, carried out a bloody military coup against Egypt's first-ever freely elected President Mohamed Morsi.

Morsi was jailed until his death in 2019.

Tens of thousands of the Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders have been sent to prisons, and scores have died as a result of torture and medical negligence in prisons.

Allam has ratified hundreds of death sentences since his appointment as Egypt's grand mufti in 2013, according to Amnesty International.

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