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Palestinians call on UNRWA to stop delaying rebuilding of homes in Gaza

'To date, we have not received any of the compensation we are entitled to from this international organisation which was set up for us Palestinian refugees'

September 5, 2022 at 1:28 pm

Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip held a protest against delays in the reconstruction of properties damaged during Israel’s 2014 aggression against the enclave.

Nine years on from the Israeli attack which began on 8 July and ended on 26 August damaging 55,000 homes, including 718 which were demolished, Palestinians are still waiting for their homes to be rebuilt and to move from their temporary shelters, the tents they have set up to keep safe from the elements.

Today they called on UNRWA to compensate those affected so they can rebuild their homes

To date, 600 homes have been rebuilt, but reconstruction has been slow because of delays which UNRWA says are due to “security issues” pretexts, a claim Palestinian protesters say is an excuse which allows the UN agency to appease the occupation and punish the families who are struggling to live.

“We in the Joint Committee for Refugees and the National and Islamic Action Factions reject this measure from the Agency’s management and call on it to retract and re-evaluate the situation. We warn the UNRWA administration against indulging in this harmful policy,” the statement released during the protest said.

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