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Israel: Firearm license applications soar since March

September 17, 2022 at 10:29 am

Israeli cornershot, a weapon the army sold to Myanmar [Wikipedia]

The number of Israelis applying for gun licenses has sharply increased in Israel since March, Safa Press Agency reported on Friday.

According to Israeli magazine, Yesrael 12, the number of Israelis who have applied for firearms licenses since the surge of the resistance wave in March has reached 35,000, compared with the annual rate of applications between 2016 and 2020.

Yesrael 12 noted that the sharp increase started at the time of the Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2021, with the rate of monthly applications estimated at 6,000.

As of July 2022, the number of gun licenses in Israel reached 196,409, according to the Israeli magazine.

Head of the Licensing Division at the Ministry of Defence Avishar Landau stated that the recent skyrocketing increase in gun licenses was estimated at a 100 per cent rise compared to the time before the ongoing wave of Palestinian resistance.

The Israeli magazine reported that 8,642 gun license applications had been filed following the resistance attack on 22 March, including 363 by Israeli settlers.

Following the attack in Hedera on 27 March, 9,232 applications were filed, including 135 from Hedera itself.

After the attack in Beni Brak on 29 March, 9,816 applications were filed, including 341 applications from the same city.

The magazine also reported that 4,806 applications for firearm licenses were filed following the attack in Tel Aviv on 7 April, including 273 from the same city.

Landau indicated that applications for gun licenses rose sharply following the Israeli offensive on besieged Gaza in May 2021. The rise has since proliferated, reaching record highs.

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