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Israel renews administrative detention of Hamas official

Abdul Baset Al-Hajj [felesteen.news]

Israeli occupation authorities yesterday renewed the administrative detention of Hamas official Abdul Baset Al-Hajj for an additional four months, Al-Rai news agency reported.

This is the fourth consecutive time that the Israeli occupation authorities have renewed the 51-year-old's administrative detention order.

Al-Hajj was detained from his house in the village of Jalgamus in the outskirts of the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on 10 February 2021. He was handed a six-month administrative detention order was then issued. This has since been repeatedly renewed.

Al-Hajj, a father of three, has been detained by the occupation authorities on numerous occasions and spent a total of 18 years under administrative detention inside Israeli jails. He suffers from a number of health conditions, with doctors warning that his detention could lead his health to deteriorate.

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