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Russia agrees to help Morocco build nuclear plant

October 14, 2022 at 11:04 am

Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development Minister of Morocco, Aziz Rabbah meets on 21 September, 2017 [Jalal Morchidi/Anadolu Agency]

The Russian government has agreed to a cooperation agreement with Morocco in the field of nuclear energy, which includes support for the kingdom’s construction of a nuclear plant.

The Russian TASS news agency said yesterday that the Russian Official Portal of Legal Information published on Wednesday a decision issued by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approving a draft agreement between Moscow and Rabat for cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

Rosatom, which specialised in nuclear energy, signed the agreement on behalf of Russia

“Russia will assist Morocco in establishing and improving nuclear energy infrastructure and designing and constructing nuclear reactors,” TASS said.

“Russia will assist Morocco in the exploration and development of uranium deposits, the study of the country’s mineral resources base, and the training of personnel working in nuclear power plants.”

In 1986, Morocco established the National Centre for Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology to enable the country to utilise nuclear energy for peaceful purposes in the scientific, medical, industrial and agricultural fields and keep pace with scientific progress.

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