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Turkiye criticises US for 'bullying' Saudi Arabia over oil supply cut

October 21, 2022 at 2:16 pm

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlus Cavusoglu speaks during a gathering with NGO representatives and business people in Mersin, Turkiye on October 21, 2022. [Burak Milli – Anadolu Agency]

Turkiye, on Friday, reprehended the US criticism of Saudi Arabia over the OPEC+ decision to cut oil production, Anadolu News Agency reports.

Speaking at a news conference in the southern Mersin province, Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, dubbed the US criticism “bullying”, as Ankara threw its weight behind Riyadh on the issue.

“We are seeing that a country (the US) is threatening Saudi Arabia, and this bullying is not correct,” he said.

Sanctions need to be lifted if the world wants oil prices to decrease, the top Turkish diplomat said, adding that the issue cannot be resolved by “threatening one country (Saudi Arabia).”

“The whole world needs Venezuela’s oil and natural gas. There is also an embargo on Iranian oil … If you want oil prices to go down, lift sanctions,” he urged.

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On 5 October, Saudi Arabia, which chairs the OPEC+ cartel, voted in favour of reducing oil output by about 2 million barrels per day, with the White House alleging that it not only lent its support but also worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure the bloc implemented them, putting pressure on other nations to fall in line.

While US President, Joe Biden, has vocally criticised the Kingdom and warned of impending consequences, he has not revealed the nature of his response.

The cut also comes almost a month before the US mid-term elections, which Democrats appear vulnerable to losing because higher gas prices in a country with rampant inflation are unlikely to boost their electoral prospects.​​​​​​​

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