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PA: International silence towards settler violence reflects ‘double-standards’

November 21, 2022 at 8:09 am

Israeli forces protect illegal Jewish settlers in occupied Hebron, West Bank on 19 November 2022 [Mamoun Wazwaz /Anadolu Agency]

The Palestinian Authority (PA) expressed its shock that there has been no international responses to “the terror and barbaric violations” committed by Israeli settlers against Palestinians, stressing this “reflects double standards.”

In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, the PA said that the “continuous Israeli attacks on Palestinians also reflect fake stances of the countries which claim they are human rights defenders and claim to support a two-state solution.”

These countries “are afraid to criticise the occupation state or blame it for the settler aggression and colonial racism of the Israeli Jewish settlers,” it added. An Israeli settler has been detained for attacking a female Israeli soldier, it outlined, but none for the attacking Palestinians.

The statement cited the “violent attacks carried out by the extremist Israelis against the indigenous Palestinian residents of Hebron’s Old City,” adding that the settlers “are protected by the Israeli occupation forces.”

Israeli prime minister condemns settler assaults on Palestinians in Hebron