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Undercover Israel soldier leaves Qatar after his past revealed

November 29, 2022 at 1:49 pm

Guy Hochman [Youtube]

Former Israeli soldier, Guy Hochman, escaped Qatar on Monday after a video posted on Twitter revealed his past and participation in the Israeli army unit that killed thousands of Palestinians.

Hochman entered Qatar posing as a comedian with the goal to make funny videos. He claimed in one of his videos posted on Facebook that he travelled to Qatar to make peace.

But Palestinian-American journalist, Samar Dahmash-Jarrah, posted a video on her Twitter disclosing his past as an Israeli soldier.

Dahmash-Jarrah, a former CNN contributor, has 171,000 followers on Twitter. The video showed a message in Arabic: “Expose them. Criminals.” The video was widely seen viewed and shared.

The journalist said in the video that Hochman introduces himself as a “peacemaker while he is actually a killer soldier.”

She stated that he was a Commander of the 932 battalion of Nahal Brigades, and served in a unit that killed thousands of Palestinians during the first and second Intifadas.

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In addition, she said that his unit also killed whole families during the Israeli wars on Gaza. “This is the real face of Israel in the tournament.”

According to Israeli media, Hochman should have remained in Qatar until the end of the FIFA World Cup 2022, but he booked a ticket fast and returned to Israel.

Many Israeli journalists enthusiastically travelled to Qatar to report the pro-Israel feelings of the Arabs during the tournament, but they were shocked that no one wanted to speak with them. Many called for them to leave Qatar as soon as possible.

Israeli journalists reported that their stay in Qatar is not safe. To the point that they are hiding their Israeli identities.