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Britain imposes sanctions on Iran Revolutionary Guard officials

Iranian Revolutionary Guards march during a parade commemorating the 31st anniversary of Iran-Iraq war on September 22, 2011 in Tehran, Iran [Kaveh Kazemi / Getty Images]
Iranian Revolutionary Guards march in Tehran, Iran on 22 September 2016 in Tehran, Iran [Kaveh Kazemi / Getty Images]

Britain, on Monday, sanctioned senior officials from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including those who it said were responsible for managing the group's financial investments, Reuters reported.

"Today we are taking action on the senior leaders within the IRGC who are responsible for funnelling money into the regime's brutal repression," Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, said.

"Together with our partners around the world, we will continue to stand with the Iranian people as they call for fundamental change in Iran," he added.

The sanctions – an asset freeze and UK travel ban – were imposed on five members on the Board of Directors of the IRGC Co-operative Foundation and two senior IRGC commanders operating in Tehran and Alborz provinces.

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Britain, along with the European Union and the United States, has in recent months issued several waves of sanctions against Iran, citing a widespread and often violent crackdown on protests after the death of young Iranian Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, in morality police custody in September.

The last package of sanctions was imposed in January, after Iran announced the execution of the British-Iranian citizen, Ali Reza Akbari, on charges of spying for London. The sentence has sparked widespread condemnation by the West.

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