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PA security meeting with Israel condemned by Palestinians

March 20, 2023 at 1:45 pm

Sisi speaks at the opening session of the Egypt Economic Conference in Sharm Al-Sheikh

The Palestinian People’s Congress has rejected and condemned the security meeting held on Sunday in the Egyptian resort of Sharm Al-Sheikh which was attended by the Palestinian Authority and Israel, as well as Egypt, Jordan and the US. The congress called on Palestinians to challenge this approach and the threat it presents.

The movement said that popular pressure should be imposed to force the PA — which “lacks any popular legitimacy” — to comply with the will of the people, which backs legitimate resistance, and force the election for membership of the Palestinian National Council to be held. That, it said, will restore the Palestine Liberation Organisation national role to lead the people’s struggle.

“The Oslo team [the PA] continues the same approach that brought our people all this destruction at the various national, political, economic, security and value levels,” said the congress. “It disregards the will of the people and insists on the approach of subordination, coordination and security cooperation with the [Israeli] occupation, which commits one massacre after another against our people from Nablus to Jenin to Jericho and across every part of our land.”

It warned that participating in the Sharm Al-Sheikh security meeting provided cover for the extreme far-right Israeli occupation government to continue its crimes against the Palestinians. The Palestinian leadership, it insisted, should have understood the regional and international changes, responded to the Palestinian collective will, and initiated serious steps to boycott and isolate the Israeli occupation government and demand the imposition of sanctions upon it.

“The Aqaba [security] meeting did not achieve calm or stop the aggression, settlements and Israeli crimes,” added the congress. “Participating in the Sharm Al-Sheikh summit is a step in the direction of transforming the PA into an obedient tool of the Israeli occupation that suppresses the resistance in return for financial bribes in the so-called economic peace project, which our people reject.”

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