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Lions' Den: We decided to expand the confrontation in support of Palestinian prisoners

March 22, 2023 at 11:22 am

The Lions’ Den armed group in the old city of Nablus [Lions’ Den/Telegram]

The Lions’ Den group announced last night the expansion of its confrontation with the Israeli occupation in support of Palestinian prisoners held by the occupation.

The group said in a statement: “The hour of confrontation has approached and the drums of war have begun to sound in every inch of our blessed land. O people of pride and dignity, our free prisoners, we welcome all battles that restore our dignity and pride, and we swear that the earth is boiling like our hearts. We are fully prepared to enter into bigger battles with this brutal enemy.”

“Our message to the heroic prisoners is: We heard you and your message and the Lions’ Den groups are with you and will not let you down, with the help of God. You are one of us and we are one of you, and only death will stand between us and our support for you. May God grant you perseverance, support and patience. Go forward and do not back down. The battle now is a battle for every Palestinian and with the help of God, we will make it a burning battle that decides between the good and the bad,” they added.

The group added: “Our message to our struggling people: The time has come for self-determination, it is either dignity or humiliation and disgrace. Do not underestimate the matter and take it seriously; rise up for the sake of God. Make our prisoners’ battle the main battle of this stage and keep them in your hearts and prayers through your participation on the ground. Remove the occupation and strike it in every area; the seized land is yours, the blood being shed is the blood of your children, and the kidnapped prisoners in the occupation’s prisons are the best of our youth.”

“Our message to the occupation: We will continue to be as we were, we come at you unexpectedly. We have been waiting for bigger battles and now they have come. We will confront you with things your fragile leadership cannot imagine, although they are counting on ending the resistance with a meeting here or there. We made our decision to expand our confrontation in support of our prisoners in these difficult times and you will see us speak the truth in our actions on the ground,” the group added.

“Our message to those who try to stab us in the back: You are completely and utterly delusional if you believe that the resistance is in the hands of one person or a group of people. The resistance is God’s army in all countries, so who are you to stand before God and His soldiers? We are continuing our fight and we will not lay down arms, even if the price is our lives. The occupation will not enjoy the security that it begs for and seeks with the help of the US and neighbouring countries. Beware, for tomorrow you will have to face God, and beware, history will not have mercy on you, and no one will support you. May God disgrace everyone who went against the resistance and everyone who shook hands with the murderer of the martyrs.”

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