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Israel worried about Syria’s rapprochement with Arab states

April 4, 2023 at 9:19 am

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus [JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images]

Israeli intelligence and security agencies along with political leaders are worried about Syria’s rapprochement with Arab states, Maan news agency reported yesterday.

The condemns, Maan reported Israeli media saying, stem from concerns about the fading hope to form an Israeli-Arab alliance against Iran.

Kan’s Arab Affairs Correspondent Roi Kais said: “The rapprochement between Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and the Gulf States might give him a chance to change his policies.”

According to Maan, Hebrew newspaper Maariv said: “The return of the rapprochement between Syria and some Arab states is the formation of a New Middle East.”

Saudi’s invitation to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to attend the upcoming Arab League meeting slated to take place in Riyadh is an “important development”, Maariv continued.

Haaretz said that the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran has led to drawing a “New Middle East and beyond the New Middle East.”

The newspaper’s Arab Affairs Analyst Tzivi Barel said: “The new development ends the Israeli dream of having an Arabic-international alliance against Iran, and might resurrect the [US] Nuclear Deal with Iran,” pointing to increasing impact of China in the region.

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