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In Sega’s next game, Pharaoh’s battle to save ancient Egypt from destruction 

May 24, 2023 at 11:54 am

Sega’s next video game ‘Total War; Pharaoh’

Sega’s next video game ‘Total War; Pharaoh’ will be set in ancient Egypt during the collapse of the Bronze Age.

In the game, which is to be released in October, players take the role of Pharoah to save Egypt from destruction and become the greatest Pharoah in history.

Players will determine the fate of three cultures – Egyptian, Canaanite and Hittite.

In a press release Game Director Todor Nikolov said: “There are few periods more iconic than Ancient Egypt; fraught with political intrigue, cataclysmic events and grand war campaigns, it’s the perfect setting for a Total War title.”

Sega added: “Experience Ancient Egypt during the vibrant and tumultuous era of the Bronze Age Collapse and master dynamic real-time battles and turn-based empire management to rise above your adversaries and become Egypt’s last great Pharaoh.”

Players will contend with dramatic weather – sandstorms, torrential rain and raging fires – on the battlefield.

To build their empire, players must manage an evolving economy, grow a military strategy and develop their political standing as generals and diplomats.

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