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Ennahda holds Tunisia authorities responsible for the life of Sahbi Atigue

June 6, 2023 at 11:12 am

Ennahda leader, Dr Sahbi Atigue [flickr]

The Ennahda Movement said yesterday that it held the Tunisian authorities responsible for the life of its leader, Sahbi Atigue, after his health deteriorated due to his ongoing hunger strike.

In a statement, the movement said that it is “following with great concern the deterioration of the health condition of Dr Sahbi Atigue, putting him on the verge of organ failure and in grave danger that threatens his life and may result in his death, God forbid, or complete disability that results in a permanent loss of bodily functions.”

It added that Atigue continues his “brutal hunger strike for the 26th consecutive day, in light of the authorities’ complete disregard for his inhumane situation and their disregard for the lives of political prisoners.”

The movement called on “all the caring people in the country to intervene to save Atigue’s life,” holding the authorities “politically and morally responsible for the dangerous development of the case of a falsely accused man in a fabricated case.”

Earlier, Riyad Al-Shuaibi, adviser to the head of the movement, wrote: “Dr Sahbi Atigue was transferred to the hospital urgently, after the serious deterioration of his health condition. He has been on hunger strike for 24 days because the authorities fabricated a malicious case against him as punishment for his anti-coup political stances.”

Atigue’s defence team made an urgent appeal to save his life after his health condition deteriorated, holding the investigating judge “fully responsible for the threat posed to the life of the victim of his arbitrary and unfair decision and his failure to make the obvious decision to release him, especially after receiving a certificate stating his innocence.”

Former President Moncef Marzouki appealed to Atigue to end his hunger strike. “I call on you with all brotherhood and urgency to end the hunger strike, which has become a real threat to your life. Your family, friends and all those who vowed to resist the coup need you healthy and strong to continue the struggle against a regime that fears and is not ashamed, especially since such noble and peaceful protests do not stir an iota of its humanity.”

The Tunisian authorities arrested Atigue last month at Carthage airport and prevented him from travelling to participate in a conference in Turkiye.

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