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British Parliament approval of continuing genocidal war by Israel is disgraceful; confirms its participation in this crime

November 16, 2023 at 2:47 pm

Thousands of protesters march through central London to demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people and demand an immediate ceasefire to end the war on Gaza, in London, UK on 4 November 2023 [Amy A-D]

The Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR UK) emphasised that the British Parliament’s vote to continue the Israeli extermination war on the people of the Gaza Strip is dangerous, disgraceful to the British nation and does not reflect the position of its people, who came out in millions in all UK cities to reject this war.

The vote of the British Parliament yesterday in favour of continuing the war, despite the millions marching in protest against the war and calling for a ceasefire, was not surprising. Since the beginning of this war, the British government has taken a disgraceful position – in violation of international law – and supported the Israeli crimes against the civilian population, under the pretext of the right to self-defence.

Despite entering the second month of the extermination war, the large number of victims being women and children, the horrific images of destruction reported by the media, images of children’s bodies under the rubble, with their tiny bodies cut and burnt, the thousands of people who became homeless, the targeting of hospitals and schools, all of this was not enough to change the position of the British government.

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The British government is historically responsible for the tragedies that befell the Palestinian people since the Balfour Declaration and under the British Mandate, which enabled the Zionist gangs to occupy Palestine after committing dozens of massacres.

The Palestinian people were expecting the British Parliament to correct this historical mistake, but it rather continued supporting Israel at all levels.

AOHR UK sent a letter to the new Foreign Minister, David Cameron, stressing that Britain should stop supporting the Occupier, supporting its serious war crimes and crimes against humanity, as it would result in the legal prosecution of its officials as partners in these crimes.

AOHR UK also reminded the new Foreign Minister of the statements he made in 2010 in which he rejected besieging of the Gaza Strip, describing it as a “concentration camp”. This confirms that the Israeli Occupation is the source of violence in the region.

AOHR UK called on the new Minister of Foreign Affairs to stop the flow of arms to Israel and to cancel all contracts with it, as these arms are being used in the extermination war by Israel on the Gaza Strip. It also called for prosecuting and preventing dual nationals from travelling to Israel to serve in the Occupation army in its genocidal war.

The letter also included that the statements the British Minister of Defence made in his answer to a parliamentary question on 13 November, 2023, confirming that there are air forces in the Mediterranean region conducting espionage in support of Israel, is a dangerous development in supporting the Israeli crimes.

AOHR UK called on all British people to stay strong, not to be affected by the position of the British government and the vote of the British Parliament yesterday, and to continue pressuring all members of Parliament and the government to stop supporting Israel.

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