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Israel army disperses Palestinian gathering ahead of prisoners' release

November 24, 2023 at 3:01 pm

Red Cross officials wait outside Israel’s Ofer Prison as thousands of displaced Palestinians go to check on their homes as the 4-day humanitarian pause begins for prisoner exchange and aid in Ramallah, Gaza on November 24, 2023. [Mostafa Alkharouf – Anadolu Agency]

The Israeli army, on Friday, used tear gas to disperse Palestinians gathered in front of Ofer Prison ahead of prisoners’ release, Anadolu Agency reports.

Israeli army forces dispersed hundreds of Palestinians gathered in front of Ofer detention centre, west of Ramallah in the central West Bank, using tear gas bombs and sound bombs, an Anadolu correspondent on the ground reported.

Confrontations broke out with dozens of Palestinians who threw stones at the forces. Dozens of people suffered from suffocation.

Since Friday afternoon, hundreds of Palestinians gathered in front of Ofer Prison, awaiting the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Some 13 Israelis are scheduled to be released Friday from Gaza through the Rafah crossing, with Israel releasing in parallel 39 Palestinians: 24 women and 15 children from Israeli prisons, as part of an exchange agreement with Hamas.

The prisoners will be released in batches over a period of 4 days – all of them will be women and children from both sides.

Israel estimates that at least 239 Israelis are being held by Hamas following the cross-border attack by the Palestinian group on 7 October.

The Palestinian death toll from Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip has soared to 14,854, the government media office in the blocked enclave said Thursday.

The victims include 6,150 children and over 4,000 women, while more than 36,000 people have been injured, it said.

The official Israeli death toll stands at 1,200.

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