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MEMO correspondent Asad reports airdropped aid lost, scarce and unequally distributed

Mohammed Asad, MEMO correspondent in Gaza uncovers the reality of the airdropped Arab aid to Gaza. Asad highlights the fact that this aid is randomly dropped, some are lost to the sea and others to Israeli locations, while the rest is randomly dropped. He underscores the fact that this aid isn’t delivered to organisations, so it’s not equally distributed and puts people at risk due to overcrowding to get it. He further highlights the limited amounts of the dropped aid, that won’t equivalate the daily needs of Gaza Strip, not even 1/500 of the daily needs. It has been almost 5 months of war and as famine hits Gaza hard, the Gazan people remain in need of aid in terms of food supplies, shelter, medicine and materials to rebuild destroyed infrastructures.

March 2, 2024 at 7:13 pm