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Joseph Massad

Joseph Andoni Massad is Professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History in the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies at Columbia University.


Items by Joseph Massad

  • France’s love affair with decapitation

    Fernand Meyssonnier was the last official French executioner in charge of beheading Algerians using a guillotine. He served in that capacity from 1947 to 1958, during which time he claims to have decapitated 200 Algerians. It was none other than the then socialist Justice Minister François Mitterrand who ordered...

  • The campaign against the British Labour Party: anti-Semitism or anti-colonialism?

    Much of Britain’s frenzied and poisonous debate regarding accusing the Labour Party of anti-Semitism revolves around the Labour Party’s expression of its opposition to Israeli laws, practices, ideologies and statements. So, no sane individual could understand, for example, Winston Churchill’s description of the “international Jews’” in the Sunday Herald in...