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  • Female entrepreneurs make their mark across the Middle East

    Starting a business in Egypt is never an easy feat, but poses a unique set of challenges and advantages for Egyptian women in particular, who are increasingly leaping into entrepreneurial ventures. Yasmine El-Mehairy, the co-founder of Arabic-language parenting website Supermama, explains that the newness of “entrepreneurialism” in Egypt allows women...

  • Iranian bankers look to Rouhani reforms to save industry

    Bankers in Iran are hoping that new President Hasan Rouhani will follow through on hints that reform is coming to the industry, which is saddled with dangerous levels of bad debts. Mr Rouhani’s economic advisor, Masoud Nili, was quoted in the Tehran Times saying that the banking sector was...

  • The rise of gender selection among Middle Eastern couples

    Sex selection is a dirty phrase in Western countries, but Middle Eastern couples are jumping on fertility technology as changing attitudes make it easier and more acceptable to ‘make it a boy’. Euphemistically called ‘family balancing,’ couples throughout the Middle East are turning to a technique called PGD, or pre-implantation...