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Turkish president demands release of Morsi

January 30, 2014 at 1:49 pm

The President of Turkey, Abdullah Gul, has demanded the immediate release of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, as well as guarantees that he will not be harmed. He expressed his sorrow over the coup against democratic legitimacy carried out by the Egyptian army.

According to Zaman newspaper, Gul held talks with the newly-appointed Egyptian Ambassador to Turkey, Abderahman Salah El-Din, at the end of last week. He called on the Egyptian authorities to release Morsi “immediately” and to avoid “harming” him.

President Gul stressed that all of Egypt is important for Turkey while regretting that the military had removed the elected president. Other, democratic, ways should have been sought to tackle the political impasse in Egypt, said Gul. He called for a democratic solution to the political crisis that protects everyone’s rights and privileges.

Moreover, the newspaper pointed out that Gul proposed an eight-month plan to finalise the political transition to elected civilian rule according to which the interim government should establish a 50-member committee within 15 days, consisting of lawyers and representatives from universities, unions and civil society organisations. The committee would be tasked with writing a new constitution in 30 days.

The president’s proposal urged the Egyptian government to establish an independent electoral commission and call parliamentary elections within three months, with a new presidential election following one month later.