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Turkish presidential adviser: Palmer recommendations don't concern us

January 31, 2014 at 12:13 am

A Turkish official has hinted that Ankara could take more punitive measures against Israel if Tel Aviv continues to reject Turkish conditions for ending the diplomatic crisis between the two countries.
The Turkish presidential adviser, Ersat Hürmüzlü, told Radio Israel on Tuesday, September 6, that the ball is currently in Israel’s court after Ankara decided to downgrade the Israeli diplomatic representation in Turkey to the level of second secretary. “Turkey is awaiting Tel Aviv’s response to this step, and if Israel continues in its intransigence toward Turkey’s demands, Ankara will take further steps.”

Hürmüzlü rejected the recommendations by the UN Palmer report saying that the report “does not concern us.” He stressed that Turkey intends to resort to the International Court of Justice with regard to the blockade that has been imposed on the Gaza Strip by Israel for five years.
He added that his country’s government had frozen all its deals and security agreements with Israel for the current period.
An Israeli political official stated that bilateral relations between the two countries were witnessing a “prolonged freeze”, adding that from now on, Israeli activities in Turkey, especially financial activities, would be carried out through the consulate in Istanbul.