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Egyptian security expert denounces use of Israeli company to secure Suez Canal

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am


Egypt’s security expert, General Abdul Hamid Omran has denounced the coup leaders who employed an Israeli company to provide maritime security to the Suez Canal.

During an interview with al Jazeera network Oman asked why a foreign company was employed to secure the Suez Canal when Egypt’s second and third army are tasked with ensuring the Canal’s security and why an Israeli company in particular had been employed.

Omran said the company’s task in the canal has been kept secret and demanded that the interim Egyptian government provide clear and transparent explanations to the Egyptian people as to why their security was entrusted to their enemy.

Omran explained that nothing justifies the government’s act and that if such a thing had happened it undermines Egypt’s sovereignty and national security. He added that “if peaceful Egyptians, who practice their democratic right to protest are said to jeopardise Egypt’s national security then how about employing an Israeli company with a military background to secure Egypt. Although the company states that it trains ship staff to secure their vessels but if we go into war with Israel the company has the ability to undermine our security in Red Sea.”

A report by the Arab Organisation for Human Rights has revealed that an Israeli company, Seagull Maritime Security, provides maritime security services for cruises and cargo ships passing through the Suez Canal in Egypt has stirred criticism.