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Prominent Egyptian secular leader hails Morsi

February 8, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Ayman Nour, head of the Egyptian political party Ghad Al-Thawrah, has called for respect to be shown to Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi. He also re-affirmed the importance of the democratic construction of Egyptian society, calling it the only way to build a modern civil country.

During a media seminar organised in Tanta, Nour called February 2, 2011 – the day former president Hosni Mubarak was deposed – a happy ending for a “black and white film” that lasted 30 years. “During the revolution, we lived 18 days of the greatest times in Egyptian history,” he said.


Nour said that hatred to the Islamists is definitely leading to big losses on the Egyptian Street. He called for Morsi to be dealt with in a manner different from that during Mubrak’s reign.

Refusing calls for early elections, Nour said: “It is a loss, not only for the Muslim Brotherhood, but for all. Morsi is an elected president with the popular will behind him and we must stand beside him until the end of his term. Then, the ballot box will be the referee.”

Speaking about Morsi’s political career, Nour said: “He was my colleague in parliament. He is transparent and simple. But he sometimes misjudges things and misses easy opportunities that achieve popular consent.”